Krav-Maga Courses

The Krav-Maga Stability in Motion school represents quality, tradition and continuity. Since 2003 we teach Krav-Maga in Cluj-Napoca, Romania exactly as it was developed by its founder, Imi Lichtenfeld. We provide the most diversified training together with László Pethő, the first instructor in Romania, with a black belt and over 19 years of experience in Krav-Maga.

Krav-Maga was developed to help ordinary people to survive a conflict with one or more abusers - which are bigger, stronger and faster. During the Krav-Maga courses you learn to identify all types of aggressions, whether physical or emotional. Shortly you will face successfully the aggressions in all areas of your life: verbal threats, harassment, humiliation, constraints of any kind, physical attacks etc.

You need these courses because at different physical and emotional levels you are aggressed tens and hundreds of times each day. The lessons we teach are far more than survival techniques. We help you to become more aware and address the aggressions of your public, professional or personal life. You learn how much matters the change of perspective and the knowledge of possibilities of action.

Participating in our courses is an investment in YOU, in your personal development, which will improve the rest of your life. It is very good that you are a pacifist person who wants to avoid conflicts, but chooses to be in control if something bad happens. Choose our training programs below. Be ready! Choose the safety!


Most of our activities take place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
Because of this, detailed information about our courses are presentd only in Romanian.
Upon request, we also teach personalized courses in other cities and countries.
Intensive Courses

Intensive Courses

The intensive courses allow you to learn in a short period of time the most important principles and techniques from Krav-Maga. You will also learn advanced techniques, which are taught only after a few years of weekly classes. Your most important gain will be the new understanding and attitude towards aggression. Your chances of surviving any physical or mental aggression in your life will increase for real.

We organize occasional intensive courses for adults and children of both sexes, regardless of physical condition. They usually take 2-7 hours and have a specific theme, addressing various aspects of survival. To find out in time about the new courses we organize, we recommend you to Like our Facebook page.

Annual Courses

Annual Courses

The annual courses are the most effective, fast and inexpensive training program for a Krav-Maga practitioner and instructor. The courses are divided into 3 years of study, with a weekend of training per month. It encompasses over 500 hours of intensive training and assisted teaching. At the end of the 3 years you will know all the techniques in Krav-Maga, you will be very effective in any confrontation and you will have practical experience in teaching Krav-Maga.

We are teaching Krav-Maga as a martial art, in kimono, with colored belts, exactly in the original form created by Imi Lichtenfeld. We emphasize personal development and seek perfection in the execution of techniques. We offer colored belts and instructor diploma. For people of both sexes, at least 16 years of age, regardless of physical condition or previous experience

Courses for Companies

Courses for Companies

Do you represent a company, institution or association and you want to offer your employees an interactive, interesting and challenging course? Do you manage a sports hall or you organize sporting events and want to diversify your courses?

We organize new events, with personalized topics, with durations ranging from a few hours to a few days, occasionaly or periodicaly, in any place in Romania or abroad. For people of any age and gender, regardless of their physical condition, beginners or advanced in Krav-Maga. For small or very large groups. We cover all aspects of survival, from prevention to the application of effective Krav-Maga techniques.

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