Objectives and Values of Krav-Maga Stability in Motion

A martial art is not just about technique - first it is about EDUCATION, about character building. In our school KRAV-MAGA Stability in Motion we are not just preparing ourselves for the survival of physical conflicts - we are preparing for LIFE. The mission, goals and values characterize our intentions and actions, both as a school and as a person affiliated with it. They define us and differentiate us from other schools and other Krav-Maga practitioners.


We help people increase their self-confidence, improve their communication skills and make optimal decisions in critical situations.


  • Promoting universal human values that contribute to the development of a harmonious society.
  • Supporting individual development, physical, mental and emotional, for a balanced and happy life.
  • Understanding aggression, for self-knowledge and effective interpersonal communication.
  • Forming practical self-defense skills which facilitate free and safe self expression.
  • Developing the school on the basis of mutual support, through beautiful values and honest people.


These values define us both as individuals and as a school (Krav-Maga Stability in Motion). They reflect our attitude toward both ourselves and all of those around us. These are values that are part of our being and which we follow in all our actions, whether they are or not seen and recognized by others. These are values that define us as HUMANS and transcend any discrimination of gender, age, race, religion, nationality, social affiliation, group interests etc.


We have the courage to express ourselves authentic in our personal and professional lives. We communicate honestly, simply, directly, on time and transparently. We respect our values and commitments. We take responsibility for our actions. We follow and promote the original values of Krav-Maga.


We respect ourselves first and foremost. We have a deep respect for Krav-Maga, school, instructors, colleagues, students and all the other people. We embrace the diversity of ideas, opinions and experiences as long as they are complemented by values and actions that contribute to the good of humanity.


We only practice simple and effective principles and techniques, that can be successfully applied in real confrontations, by ordinary people. We understand perfectly how Krav-Maga works and we teach it logically and varied. We adapt continually to the particularities of the situations and people involved.


We are modest and we accept that we are in a continuous process of learning and development. We accept our fears and limitations, but we always work to overcome them. We learn from mistakes and adapt to the new challenges. We move with curiosity and courage to our next best variant.


We develop our body through movement to enjoy health, energy and relaxation. We train our minds to be truly powerful. We are emotionally balanced and confident in our own forces. We combine stability with movement, for a fulfilling and dynamic life.


We are aware that any personal or professional achievement requires self-control and perseverance. We are determined to overcome any obstacles, focusing on results. We train with earnestness, responsibility and commitment. We are patient with us and with others. We are punctual.


We involve ourselves with professionalism in the development of better people, better performing , more confident and happier in their personal and professional lives. We help overcome personal boundaries through a rich variety of innovative approaches. We are ourselves models to follow.


We grow together and support each other: instructors, colleagues and students. We are friendly and loyal to all of our partners. We are delighted with the diversity of approaches based on common values. We contribute with the resources available to the developement of the school and spread of Krav-Maga.


We are warriors who fight only for our supreme good and of our fellow men, without discriminating. We only act firmly when peaceful approaches have failed. We consider it our duty to be prepared to defend humanity and its universal values.

We hope that you are already, or you want to become a person with such beautiful values. We invite you to join us to create together an ever more harmonious society!

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