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The KRAV-MAGA Stability in Motion school represents quality, tradition and continuity. Since 2003 we teach Krav-Maga in Cluj-Napoca, Romania exactly as it was developed by its founder, Imi Lichtenfeld. We provide the most diversified training together with László PETHŐ, the first instructor in Romania, with a black belt and over 16 years of experience in Krav-Maga.

Ce este Krav-Maga?

What is Krav-Maga?

Krav-Maga is the Israeli self-defense martial art developed in Israel in 1971 by Imi Lichtenfeld, based on the techniques and principles he originally taught in the Israeli army.

Krav-Maga promotes conflict avoidance, but offers you the tools to survive situations where you can not avoid physical aggression. It has been developed to help ordinary people survive a conflict with one or more aggressors - bigger, stronger and faster.

History of Krav-Maga
Eficiență și siguranță

Efficiency and safety

You are emotionally aggressed daily and the possibility of being physically assaulted exists even if you ignore it. Choose to learn the ways of self-defense in every area of your life. Only then can you offer safety for yourself and your loved ones.

Krav-Maga allows you to neutralize threats by short, fast and efficient movements, aimed at the aggressor's sensitive areas. It teaches you to avoid conflicts, but if you do not have the choice, you can fight effectively to survive violence.

Principles and Techniques
Încredere în sine

Self confidence

You can learn Krav-Maga regardless of your gender, age or physical condition. You develop both physically and emotionally: you become more confident in your own forces, get rid of fears and traumas, create and maintain a great physical condition, reduce your daily stress, etc.

In a short time you will successfully deal with aggression in all areas of your life: verbal threats, harassment, humiliation, constraints, physical attacks, etc. You learn to stay calm and react just as much as you need to get through critical situations.

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