KRAV-MAGA Stability in Motion School

KRAV-MAGA Stability in Motion

Our mission

We help people increase their self-confidence, improve their communication skills and make optimal decisions in critical situations.

We teach ordinary people (men and women, adults and children) to become stronger and defend themselves effectively against any aggression, regardless of their physical condition or the time available for training. By combining physical training with personality development, we facilitate positive attitude changes usefull for the rest of their lives. We teach Krav-Maga in the original form created by Imi Lichtenfeld.



The advantages of the KRAV-MAGA Stability in Motion school compared to other schools in Romania and the world:


Currently, our school - Krav-Maga Stability in Motion - is the only one in the world that uses the triangle framed by a circle symbol and the stability in motion expression, as they were developed by Imi Lichtenfeld.

Understanding the two concepts (stability & motion) and the way of combining them is the key to Krav-Maga's efficiency.


The KRAV-MAGA Stability in Motion school was founded by László PETHŐ in December 12th, 2012. At that time, László had the black belt, 10 years of practice and 8 years of teaching Krav-Maga.

László wanted to create a more flexible and efficient framework for training, keeping unchanged the principles and techniques developed by Imi Lichtenfeld.

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Our school provides quality training to all students. For this, we accept among us only highly trained instructors. The training and selection process of the instructors takes several years, during which time they get to master very well both Krav-Maga and the correct and safe teaching methodology.

Principles and Techniques

In Krav-Maga, for each threat there are several defenses, attacks or combined actions. We teach defenses to all possible aggressions: punches, kicks, grabs of body and clothing, strangulations and hugs, attacks with weapons and firearms etc. We cover all possible situations: one or more attackers, in open or closed spaces, standing or on the ground, at short distance or against the attacker etc. Our school teaches unchanged the techniques and principles created by the founder of Krav-Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld.

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Following the tradition established by Imi Lichtenfeld, most of the time we train in a gym, in white kimono and barefoot. We also hold courses in ordinary clothes and shoes, in various locations, in order to test the techniques in conditions closer to reality.

During trainings we use objects that help us practice the techniques at higher speeds and intensities, brings us closer to reality or protects us from injuries: mattresses, training pillows, knives, sticks, guns, helmets, gloves etc.

Belts and Exams

In Krav-Maga we use (only with kimonos) the following belts: yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and black. The colored belts and the exams are ways to highlight the progresses made by the students.

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